1. Never put all your ships on the first 2 rows. Anyone would first sweep the corners, thats the easiest place to attack.

2. Never put your bigget ships on the outside, once again the easiest places to sweep, move biger ships inwards, unles ussing a quick offensive move.

3. Never base your center on the smallest ship, once destroyed it breaks formation.

4.Never try to hit every area, try to space 2-3 holes since all of this ships take up at lest 2 spaces.

5. Never try to play offense and defense, since the way you set your ships determined what approach your taking.

6. Never try a fast defense game. Slow the game pace down, to make your opponet weary to where they will not make as many strategic moves.

7.Never try a slow offense game, pick a letter, w, x or another, and follow that shape on the board.

8. Never use numbers to make your attack formation, letters work much better.

9. Never cross diffrent leter formations, never use a w and a x, but you can use 2 w's

10. Never overstress to follow a plan, it is just a game, but trying to make it too complicated makes it to mentally challenging to actually enjoy and win.